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Our flexible training packages help to promote excellence in the care sector. Designed and delivered by registered healthcare practitioners and product specialists, tailored training packages from Newlyn Healthcare Ltd consist of comprehensive yet engaging sessions that achieving real and positive outcomes in day to day care activities, through a combined focus on improving care and developing expertise.

Our training sessions can be targeted at anyone, from residents and their families to employees and management, with observed results including:

  • Higher standard of care for residents
  • Knowledgeable, effective, confident and productive staff
  • Improved use of equipment, meaning less chance of damage or breakdown
  • More motivated staff and higher employee retention levels



Newlyn Healthcare have a range of training packages available to suit the needs of all businesses in the care sector, including:

Moving and Handling

Designed for care workers who have responsibility for moving people.
We aim to raise awareness of the problems and potential for injury (to client or carer) that come with manual handling operations and the moving and handling of people.

Pressure Area Care

Ideal for care workers and senior care staff caring for clients who are susceptible to, or who have, pressure sores.
We highlight the importance of effective pressure sore prevention and management and the need for timely action and responsive action should a problem be identified.

Seating and Positioning

Recommended for care workers and senior care staff.
Covering the basic principles of seating and positioning, underlining how vitally important this area is in a 24-hour care package. Focusing on posture, functionality, pressure area care and quality of life.


We know all too well the demands upon care staff and just how busy Occupational Therapy teams can be day in day out. Finding and prioritising the time for CPD is increasingly difficult, but Newlyn Healthcare can help. Whatever the needs of your OT team, we can design a Lunch & Learn session to fit into a time that suits you. With training on equipment, pressure sores and more available, call us now to make arrangements for an onsite visit from our team.


If you can’t see what you’re looking for hear, or have a specific set of care needs in mind, contact the team at Newlyn Healthcare to discuss opportunities for creating a bespoke training packages tailored to the needs of your organisation.

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